Post Bumpers

Limited lifetime warranty.

Our vertical and horizontal bumpers are blow molded with high molecular weight, high density polyethylene, and U.V. stabilization for toughness and durability.

Molded bushings in each mounting hole for permanent attachment. Attaches easily with our wafer head tek screws.

Will not mar or mark boats. Time tested since 1981.




Harbor Bumpers


All Vinyl edging is extruded from a marine grade flexible PVC compound. We add UV and fungicide protection to maximize the lifespan of the material. Different combinations of air chambers and wall thickness allow one of our profiles to fit any application. All profiles are available in white or black and in10 foot strips.

Corner Cushions




Cruiser Cushions

Cruiser Cushions are the most innovative product available on the market today, to provide protection for your boat and dock.  Manufactured from a high molecular weight polyethylene to stand up to years of abuse. Fungicide and UV protection guarantee longevity of life span. Solid bushings at center mounting holes insure a secure attachment to the structure. Top and bottom flanges add additional attachment points for flexibility and adaptability to all dock types.    




Dimensions 11-1/2” wide x 72’ long. Live hinges at 24” O.C. allow the cushion to wrap around corners or they can be cut to provide 24”sections of protection. Hinges also allow cushion to adapt to a 45 degree inside corner. Extra large heavy-duty design provides protection for all sizes of boats. Ideal for high transient areas





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